The cat lover always loves a cat, no matter what breed it is. But when we are going to choose a new kitten as our pet, then some breeds have preference over others. 

When we look around, we discover that there are many breeds of cats, making it difficult to say which breed is the most popular among cat owners.

Different people have different preferences, but now we will discuss the 13 most popular cat breeds among cat owners in Australia.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats look wild as its appearance will make you think that it belongs to a jungle instead of a home, but you must believe that it is a domestic cat.

Being strong, muscular, and agile, they have considered athletics cat breeds. Due to their high intelligence and activity, they can understand various tricks and games. They stay alert to everything. They are very talkative, sociable, and confident.

They get destructive if they get bored, so make sure you have toys to keep them busy.

Persian Cats

One of the famous and well-known cat breeds is a Persian cat. These are from Iran and Turkey but also loved in Australia. In Europe, they were introduced in the 17th century.

They love to sit anywhere. They are not very active, but they are such sweet, calm, and elegant cats. There is something wrong with them; that is, they shed terribly wherever they go. They are also known as Shirazi cats.


This breed gained popularity in the 19th century. It is also known as Siam and originated in Thailand. Himalayan, Oriental Shorthair, and Sphynx were created with the help of the Siamese.

There are spots on his tail, feet, face, and ears that are markers and areas of coloration. There are two types of Siamese cats, one with a slim body and a large head, while another with a rounder body and a short head.

They are very talkative, attention-seeking, and dogmatic. The Siamese is very loud and loves to stay in towns.


This most beloved cat in Australia is very smart and energetic. It can seek the attention of anyone in no time. They love to hug and are also known as lap warmers.

This medium-sized breed has a longer lifespan of up to twenty years. They love living with other pets, including dogs, but another Burmese is proven to be the first’s best friend.

This breed is among the smart breeds because they can learn to search for toys and balls. They don’t like to live alone, so never leave them alone.

American Shorthair

They are often confused with mixed breed domestic cats, but this is not true because it is a pure breed. They are short-haired, round-faced, and short-eared with the ability to kill mice.

Its name changed from domestic shorthair cats to American Shorthair in 1966.

This breed is compliant than others and does not shed much, making it a perfect choice for the family that does not want to have an additional mess.

Maine Coon

This breed comes from the state of Maine. This breed is known for its large size and a thick coat of fur.

This breed became popular after CFA recognition in 1970 as a pure breed. They are large but smooth and gentle. Its great hunting ability will make your home rodent-free. They are charming, impressive, and sweet cats.

Russian Blue

This breed is believed to have originated from the Arctic Circle and via ship travels to England. Australian Russian Blue is bred in the same standard conditions as other countries, but its deep blue fur coat sets it apart from others.

Russian Blue is sleek, bright, and sometimes shy, but once you look at him alluring and attractive eyes, you’ll try to have it.

They love to climb and jump. This breed doesn’t entertain strangers but is super loyal to their favorite people.

Australian Mist

This is a medium-sized breed with short hairs. They like to live with other pets, including dogs. This is an Australian breed with a great gene pool.

This breed has the features of Burmese, domestic tabby, and Abyssinian. Australian mists are soft, calm, playful, and iconic looking. If you are looking for a laid-back partner, Australian Mist is here to help.


This is originally from Ethiopia. It was also known as Abyssinia. Most cats are lazy and love to sleep. Abyssinian lives his life to the fullest. They love to climb, jump, and play.

This breed is as smart and also nicknamed as Abby Grabby because they grab everything that grabs their attention.

The light and dark-colored bands give them a unique look. The common Abyssinian colors are reddish, blue, and tan. They are incredibly loyal and loving to their owner.


In 2020, it is shown as the most popular and famous cat in Australia. It is also known by another name, that is, Moggie.

It is a domestic cat and has short hair. Due to its short hair, there is a benefit that does not shed a lot. Tabby is found most in households in Australia. This breed has different colors and patterns. Its personality is equally diverse. This breed is friendly, loving, and genius.

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest is a popular breed in Australia. Australians love having Norwegian forests in their homes.

This breed originated in Norway approximately 500 years ago and was then exported worldwide. This breed is energetic, lively, tender, attached, and affectionate.

They have a neck brace and a thick tail. They shed a lot in spring. This breed is fond of children and other pets.


This breed is one of the Australians’ favorites. This breed received its name due to this obedient behavior. This was first developed in the 1960s.

Ragdolls are so smart they can pick up good habits, traits, and tricks as quickly as scratching posts, the bathroom area. There is a thought that the ragdoll is painless, but it is just a misconception. Ragdoll has a Siamese-like appearance with long hair. Ragdoll loves peoples and cuddle.


Birman breed can be easily recognized by its wide face, medium size, and long coat. Like their ancestors, this breed is also calm, polite, and relaxed. If Birmans want to eat or hug, they will politely remind you. They somehow resemble Siamese and Ragdoll.

This docile breed loves to follow the owner from one room to another and is always curious to explore the environment.

Cats are also like dogs in a way that both seem to be attached to their owner and family. This list will help you choose the breed of cat that seems right for your lifestyle.