If you want to keep your dog healthy, the best way is to give him the best and adequate amount of food. Feeding your puppy less than he needs or feeding too much can have many health consequences.

It is important to determine how much food your dog needs. Feeding a dog too little can lead to nutritional deficiencies. If you feed your dog quality food in the right amount, it will improve your dog’s overall health, and he will feel at his best.

Read this article if you want to know the answers to different commonly asked questions related to puppy feeding.

How do I know if I’m feeding my puppy enough?

Puppies always need a lot of food to eat. But you can determine their health whether or not you are feeding them enough by using a trick. If you feed your puppy enough when you put your hand on the rib cage area, you should feel the ribs, but the ribs should not be visible.

This is the body condition of a well-fed puppy. A poorly fed puppy will have visible ribs, and you will not feel any ribs in an overweight puppy.

How much to feed a puppy based on weight?

Your puppy needs a different amount of dog food, depending on body weight. You can measure your puppy’s weight and consult your vet for proper guidance. You can visit the general puppy feeding guide, where you can learn how much to feed a puppy based on weight.

How many cups of food should I feed my puppy?

Most brands of the dog food label their feeding chart on the packaging. Always check that food chart before feeding your pup. For example here at Delicate Care with our Puppy Food we recommend as follows

1 Cup = approximately 130 grams

Size of Adult DogWeaning – 3 monthsgrams/day3-6 monthsgrams/day6-9 monthsgrams/day9-12 monthsgrams/day12-18 monthsgrams/day18-24 monthsgrams/day24 monthsgrams/day
Toy < 5kg55 – 7585AdultAdultAdultAdultAdult
Small 5-10kg110 – 140150 – 160160AdultAdultAdultAdult
Medium 10-25kg210 – 250270 – 310310AdultAdultAdultAdult
Large 25-50kg330 – 440500 – 550550550 – 560520 – 550AdultAdult
Giant > 50kg430 – 600700 – 800800800790 – 850850Adult

The feeding chart shown above is provided only as a guide and is based on energy requirements for growth. Pregnant and lactating bitches can be fed “ad libitum”. Quantities fed to your dog can be adjusted depending on your Veterinarian’s recommendation or your dog’s condition and activity level.

Why is my puppy always hungry? 

There is a common concept on everyone’s mind: dogs can eat whatever is put in front of them. This statement is true to some degree, but not all dogs are voracious eaters. Some dogs only feed what they need from their bowl and will not look back until they are hungry again. However, they are some of the reasons why your puppy is always hungry.

Adapting to a Schedule

If you have to change your puppy’s feeding schedule, and he is not adjusting, he will feel hungry all the time.

Food transition period

When the pups are born, their mother provides them with an endless supply of food, and she is always around to feed them. Once you wean them, they may not be adjusting to the new food brand.

Bad habits

Some puppies have bad habits and keep coming back repeatedly, even after eating the required food.

Health problems

There are some health problems where your puppy feels a sudden increase in appetite.

  • Aging
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

All of these problems can increase hunger in your puppy because his body cannot absorb nutrients from food, thus increasing his appetite.

Should I feed my puppy wet or dry food?

Both wet and dry dog ​​food have different benefits. Dry dog ​​food can keep their dental health in check, and wet dog food can give your dog a hydration boost; and a bowl of wet food also contains half the calories compared to a bowl of dry food.

Since they both have different benefits, a good option is to feed them a mixture of both to meet all their needs.

Will a puppy stop eating when it’s full? 

Dogs are known for their voracious appetites, and in the case of puppies, they are too small to know when their tummy is full. Most puppies continue to eat even when they are full and suffer from health problems such as bloating or gastric dilatation-volvulus.

Can puppies eat cooked chicken?

Cooked chicken is a healthy food source and is also safe for your dogs. Chicken is one of the main ingredients in all dog foods because it is an excellent protein source. Therefore, you can feed cooked chicken in regular dog food.

Can puppies eat raw ground beef and other raw meats? 

Puppies can eat raw ground beef or other meat. Puppies need protein in their diet, and ground beef is a great source of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can boost their immune systems. Another benefit of ground beef is that it increases digestibility in ground form, but as your pup passes three months of age, start feeding him larger chunks.

It is good here and there but you must remember that your pup needs a complete and balanced diet with all the nutritions to grow up big and strong. if you want a hassle free diet that requires no thought and is very convenient try Delicate Care All Breeds Puppy Food.

When should a puppy have 3 meals a day? When to switch the puppy to 2 meals a day?

As you wean your puppy up to 4 months of age, you should feed four meals a day and then three meals until six months of age, and then feed them two meals a day for the rest of their life.

How long should a puppy go between meals?

The time between meals depends on the family schedule. However, if you are feeding two meals a day, there should be a 12-hour difference between the two meals. If you increase the time, puppies’ stomach will suffer from a hyper acidic condition causing nausea.

When to switch a puppy to adult dog food?

Puppies need growth food at a young age because they need high protein content and more calories to meet their developmental needs. However, when your puppy reaches 12 months of age or older, you should switch food to adult dog food. But this does depend on the type of breed your dog is. Please refer to the table from above to see when your dog is required to switch to adult food.

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Feeding your puppy the right amount can help improve his health. However, you should read this guide or consult your vet on the proper amount of food for your puppy.