Our Mission

Partnering with vets to nurture healthy pets

We love people who love animals. It’s why we partner with vets to enhance the relationship you have with your pet. As Delicate Care™ is only available through veterinary clinics, you can trust you’re getting an expert opinion on the very best food for your cat or dog’s life stage or condition.

Our promise is to enhance your pet’s energy, vitality and potential through nutrition.

Complete Nutrition

Your pet’s health and happiness starts with great nutrition

We know the power of food to promote a long and healthy life. Working with one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists, we have created the Delicate Care™ range of specialist and everyday formulations. Our premium ingredients are at the cutting edge of nutritional science and include our unique Omega MagicTM Oil Blend, prebiotics and chelated trace minerals. Our  hypoallergenic focused range is, all natural, GMO-free and nutritionally complete. Delicate Care™ is the only food your cat or dog will need.

Australian Owned and Made

Your pet can eat as safely as you do

Delicate Care™ is an independent Australian company that’s been making scientifically formulated, premium dry food since 1998. Our entire range is made in Perth, Western Australia, to the highest, human-grade food standards using locally sourced ingredients. Every ingredient we use, every decision we make, is guided by what is in your pet’s best interests.

Vet Endorsed

Why we’re a vet only brand

Delicate Care™ was developed in conjunction with vets and is only available in veterinary clinics. As no one understands the exact dietary requirements of your pet better than your vet, you can be confident you’re getting the perfect food for your cat or dog’s life stage or condition.

Why Delicate Care™?

  • Proudly Australian made and owned
  • All natural
  • Scientific hypoallergenic formulations
  • Shiny coat & healthy skin
  • Superior digestibility
  • Efficient metabolism
  • Reduce odours naturally
  • Supports immune function
  • Promotes joint health
  • Exceeds AAFCO nutrient specifications.

Our Values

Supporting complete health with science, integrity and quality

Three key principles inform all our operations:

Pets over profits

Delicate Care™ is made to a standard, not a price. We personally source all of our ingredients, and choose to support local suppliers rather than shop on cost alone. If an ingredient isn’t available, we delay production rather than substitute with a cheaper alternative. This ensures that our foods contain exactly what it says on the bag, in the exact quantities as in every other batch.

The science of nutrition

Delicate Care™ doesn’t just taste good, it’s scientifically formulated to do good. Our recipes are created by a Professor of pet nutrition, specifically for Australian pets and conditions, based on the latest findings in food science and animal wellbeing. Delicate Care™ is a complete and balanced food that will satisfy all your pet’s energy and nutritional needs.


We are animal lovers. All pets involved in our feeding trials are cared for in a safe and attentive environment, and are not held in labs or testing facilities. We work alongside our trusted network of veterinarians and breeders, and do not perform any research that would jeopardise the health, happiness, comfort or lifespan of any animal. We abhor invasive animal testing.