“All Creatures on Hoddle has been one of the first practices in Melbourne to stock and recommend the Australian made Delicate Care range of dog and cat food.

Nutrition is at the core of the well-being of our patients and we have had great success with the Delicate Care range in looking after the health and longevity of our client’s pets. In practice we have found the “Skin and Stomach”-line for cats and dogs especially helpful in managing these (skin and stomach) conditions, often without requiring other treatments.”

Dr Bill Ryan
All Creatures on Hoddle Veterinary Hospital

“We have been thrilled with the addition of a superior quality novel protein/carbohydrate diet to help manage our feline patients with digestive and allergic complaints.

I have been extremely impressed with the Delicate Care’s vision and innovation in animal nutrition science. They are continually looking to meet the needs of animals and their owners as well as listening to the input and clinical needs of veterinarians.”

Dr Richard Gowan
BVSc (Hons) Feline Medicine (MACVSc)
The Cat Clinic – Prahran

Several months ago we purchased a bag of Delicate Care Skin or Stomach for a German Shepherd Dog in our practice that suffers food allergy and atopy resulting in severe hair loss. The dermatologist he was referred to had trialled a number of commercial food preparations then he had the client specifically prepare meals based on sweet potatoes and kangaroo for the dog. The owner was exhausted with meal preparations and wanted to trial something else. So we trialled Delicate Care Skin or Stomach and it has worked fabulously! The dog is now well haired and tolerating the food very well. Another German shepherd under our care would experience intermittent diarrhoea and gastrointestinal issues- after trialling her on this product clinical signs have since resolved. We have since placed a number of other dogs on this preparation and have had great results. I would certainly recommend this food preparation to dogs with known or suspect food allergies or gastrointestinal upsets- it has helped many patients in our practice and we are pleased that there is such a product commercially available.

Thank you

Dr Joanne

I just wanted to give your company some feedback on the Delicate Care Sensitive Skin/Stomach food.

As a Veterinarian I’m extremely impressed by both the quality of the food and the fantastic effect it has had on my own dog’s health.

I initially came across your food as I needed a novel protein diet for a food allergy trial, but wanted to find an Australian made (& owned!) food. I like that it had not been imported, and hence has not been irradiated.

Within 7 days of starting the new diet, I noticed that both my dogs’ faeces were wonderfully formed! Even on mainstream Veterinary prescription diets, there was always a degree of colitis (jelly-like faeces), which resolved within 7 days on your food!

Within 8 weeks, I noticed a significant change in their coat quality: they have never looked better! The inclusion of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids has obviously had a tremendous impact! My golden retriever has managed to fly through spring without any skin infections & my Shetland sheepdog has had a huge reduction in his otitis (ear inflammation).

The only change that I would love to see, is a larger kibble size for large dogs (I have found a slight increase in tartar deposition since starting the diet).

In summary, I’m so impressed with your Australian made & owned, novel protein-based and fatty-acid supplemented food & am recommending it to all my clients!

Thanks for making such a great product!

Your sincerely,