Burmese cats are a lovable, docile, loyal, and popular breed of cat. They love to show affection to their owner and can become devoted companions for life. They make excellent family pets and do well with children.

In this Burmese cat owner guide, we will learn many aspects about this wonderful breed, such as its history, personality, temperament, health problem, care advice, and brief answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Burmese cat.


In ancient times, Burmese was kept in palaces and temples. Today’s Burmese is descended from a cat brought from Burma (present-day Myanmar) to the United States (San Francisco) named Wong Mao by Dr. Joseph Thompson in the 1930s.

Dr. Thompson believed that Wong Mao is of a distant breed, but it bears a resemblance to the Dark Siamese. To broaden the breed line, Wong Mao crossed with Siamese twins. Today’s Burmese originates from a cross of Siamese and Burmese.

The first Burmese was blue in color called Sealcoat Blue Surprise and was born in England in 1955. In 1979, the International Cat Association recognized this Burmese breed.

Today, the Burmese is one of the most popular cat breeds in Australia and also around the world.

Personality (What is the personality of a Burmese cat?)

Burmese cats love their owners. This breed is so loyal, loving, playful, and almost forms a doggy bond with its people. They are also seen playing fetch with their toys.

Like their other canine counterparts, Burmese cats have shown love and attention. They like to talk to people and are not sure about attracting attention out loud.

This confident breed is so vocal, booming, and chattering.

Burmese cat temperament

Burmese are also seen to follow their owners from room to room and are also labeled “Velcro cats.” NABB (National Alliance of Burmese Breeders) calls Burmese “the ultimate companion cats.”

That is the reason behind the saying that Burmese is not for busy people who cannot provide adequate care and time for their pet. Burmese has been shown to make a great family cat because they are adorable playmates and form a special bond with children.

The Burmese is a tidy cat and can be easily litter box trained. They also prefer to snuggle on the owner’s lap than climb and scratch.

Health and care tips

The Burmese is a healthy and noisy breed, but there are still some problems that the Burmese can face. Burmese people can suffer from an endocrine disorder that leads to diabetes mellitus.

Another disorder for Burmese is low blood potassium level, known as hypokalemia. This is not so fatal, but it can lead to muscle weakness. The potassium supplement can help cure hypokalemia.

Some other problems are also seen in Burmese but are generally considered the healthiest. Regular vet visits and being aware of any changes in your feline can keep your Burmese healthy.

Are Burmese cats affectionate?

The unique character of this breed is that they love attention and are extremely affectionate. They follow their owners from one place to another and are very kind to children. This fury companion loves to snuggle into the owner’s lap and be petted; this makes him the ideal pet for families and individuals.

How much does a Burmese cat cost in Australia

If you are willing to buy a Burmese kitten, you should know that the kitten will cost between 600 and 1000 AUD. The price can be increased if you prefer a specific color or coat. Blue Burmese kittens are famous among cat owners. 

If you are buying a Burmese cat from an experienced and well-known breeder, it can range from $1200 to $2200 AUD. Kittens from well-known breeders have an outstanding appearance, excellent pedigree. This is because they are primarily bred for breeding purposes and Cat shows.

ASIC’s Money Smart estimates that in Australia, the cost of owning a cat is around $1,029 AUD a year. The vet can cost up to $273 AUD, food can cost $576 AUD, grooming can cost $45 AUD, health products $159 AUD, and housing $80 AUD.

Are Burmese cats good pets?

Burmese are considered the best cat for families with children. You have to know about the Burmese that they will not tolerate teasing. Many people live alone and want a partner with whom they can talk; Burmese will help them in this regard. People who spend a lot of time away from home have to buy Burmese in a pair because they can be destructive if left alone or get bored.

How long do Burmese cats live?

This long-lived cat has a common age expectancy of 18 to 20 years. When your Burmese reaches the age of 8, it is good to visit your vet regularly. A routine checkup is preferred after age 8. Your cat may need professional teeth cleaning and blood tests to overcome health problems. 

You should know that Burmese will not always react well to silly ethics, so keep them as minimal as possible.

The 27-year-old Burmese cat named Kataleena Lady, who lived in Australia, is recognized as the oldest cat in the world by Guinness World Records in 2004.

Do Burmese cats need company?

Burmese like people and enjoy human company, and they hate being left alone for a long time. This royal cat needs the time and attention of the people around her. After that, it is guaranteed that they will surely live happily with cats, dogs, and children.

Are Burmese good indoor cats?

In the presence of Burmese cats, you will completely lose your privacy. Burmese love to get involved in every action their owner engages in, no matter whether you are reading the newspaper, preparing meals, working on the computer, or watching television.

Burmese will sleep with you in bed and will not waste the opportunity to snuggle under the covers. While sitting, this cat will be on your lap or waiting to be petted. If you ignore her, you will definitely be scolded. Burmese will seek the full attention of its guests. This innocent cat will make everyone like cats that say they don’t like cats.

Are Burmese cats smart?

This breed is known for being friendly, intelligent, and energetic and loves to play with its owner. Burmese cats are adaptable, easy to train, playful, and intelligent. This breed-preferring company, including other animals, thrives on socialisation. This companion is a good option to prevent loneliness.


This athletic, loving, playful, and elegant Burmese cat can make your home complete. They are considered the most famous breed of cats in Australia. This royal cat needs time and attention from the owner; otherwise, she can show behavioural problems.