The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized, smart, athletic, and working dog. They were also used as herding dogs. Australian shepherds are known for their talent for all kinds of activities. They are very energetic and great companions for active owners.

In this article we will discuss the origin of the Australian Shepherd, its health, care tips and other questions related to this breed.


The name of this breed is Australian Shepherd, but they did not originate from Australia. The Australian Shepherd was first developed in America. In the mid-19th century, Basque people from the southwestern France and Pyrenees of northeastern Spain came to the western United States to herd sheep and brought dogs with them.

The Australian Shepherd is not considered a native or registered breed of Australia. It is Americans breed and they raise this dog as a farm worker and livestock herder. This breed of dog is well adapted to high altitude, such as high plains, Rocky Mountains, and areas where ranchers takes their livestock. This breed became famous due to western movies and television series.

The Australian Shepherd was first recognized in 1991 by the American Kennel Club. In 2012, the miniature Australian Shepherd breed was accepted and named as American Shepherds.


The Australian Shepherd is medium in size, very intelligent and a versatile dog with great character and strength. Many Australian shepherds are still herding livestock and even those Aussies who have never seen sheep have been found to have a strong herding instinct. 

If you have an Australian Shepherd on your farm, you will need leashes and a fenced yard because traffic and children can overwhelm them.

They need attention and time through training and play; otherwise, they will direct their energy to destructive behaviors like chewing and digging. Jumping and running are normal behaviors for athletic Aussies.

If you don’t train your Australian Shepherd, they will do more harm than good. If you keep them at home, obedience training and house training are highly recommended so they know the appropriate behaviors.

They are so smart that they will learn quickly, so keep them busy playing, walking, and training to keep their minds and bodies healthy.

Care tips

As you know, the Australian Shepherd has medium to long coat lengths. Therefore, routine grooming is necessary to keep our Australian Shepherd Coat healthy. They usually shed their winter coat in spring, so brushing your dog hair twice a week is recommended to avoid matting or tangling.

Their coat is weather resistant, so they won’t need a bath more often. Clean your dog ears regularly to avoid any ear infection. Regular nail trimming is done to keep their paw healthy and your furniture safe.

Since they are athletic, they will require frequent exercise compared to other dogs. If you don’t keep them active, they will become frustrated, bored and hyperactive. Regular exercise will maintain your dog physical and mental health.

While walking in the park, keep your Aussie on a leash as they like to chase other animals, passersby, and traffic. You can pinch them to keep them encouraged to walk in the right direction. If you have a mental fence in the garden or backyard, you need it to stop your dog chasing behavior.

The Australian Shepherd is very intelligent, so regular training is necessary for them to be obedient. They are very smart and excel in sports activities for dogs like Frisbee, fetch the ball and hide and seek. They are also used in rescue and pet therapy.

Don’t forget to feed them a well balanced diet to help fuel their highly active days. Either a Puppy or Adult, our food range is formulated by leading Australian Food Technologists and Nutritionists as a nutritious, palatable and sustainable complete and balanced diet.

Health problems

There is an inheritance problem in the Australian Shepherd breed; those dogs that inherit the gene called merle from both parents can be born blind or deaf. The color of these dogs is mainly white and they are slaughtered shortly after birth. There is no other genetic problem in this breed.

If you buy an Australian Shepherd from a responsible breeder, the one that maintains all the standards set by the American Kennel Club. These dogs are less likely to inherit any health condition. There are other problems that an Australian is prone to 

  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia

Australian shepherd breeders in Australia

  • Mistique Australian Shepherds – Cooranbong, Nsw
  • Ausdreaming “Australian Shepherd Breeder” Somerville, Vic
  • Wlkabout Kennels “Australian Shepherd Breeder” Mundoolun, Qld
  • Clearun “Australian Shepherd & Saint Bernard Breeder” Buxton, Vic
  • Rowenglen Kennels “Australian Shepherds” Nsw

How much Australian shepherd cost in Australia

The Australian Shepherd is considered a rare breed in Australia, so the pup will sell for around $1,000 – $2,000 AUD.

Are Australian shepherd good family dogs?

Australian Shepherds are easy going dogs. They love to play with children and get along very well with other pets. They are considered great family pets, police dogs, and herding animals.

Do Australian shepherd shed a lot?

Yes, the Australian Shepherd will shed a lot. They usually shed all year, but they will shed more in the spring season as they lose their winter coat. It is recommended to brush the coat weekly and more in the shedding season to avoid matting.

Can Australian shepherd be left alone?

No, you can’t leave them alone for long. The Australian Shepherds were raised to live with their owners. They like to be connected and around people and are always ready to help their owner. Like other shepherd dog, they also considered you their Alpha and will always be by your side.

They will feel sad if you leave them alone for too long. If you have to go out for a long time to study or work, you should find pet sitters for them. If your puppy is 10 weeks old or younger, never leave him alone for more than half an hour because at that age they have no control over their body.

As your puppy ages, you can increase the time of leaving him alone. After two or three months of age, you can leave them alone for two hours, as they can hold your bladder for two hours.

How smart is Australian shepherd?

Australian shepherds are smart dogs. They were ranked the 66th smartest dog for their work intelligence and obedience training. They are classified as a breed with average intelligence, but they can learn things very quickly.

Australian Shepherds are hard-working dogs and have a calmer and quieter nature than other dogs. Because they are high-energy dogs, they need a job or purpose in their lives. You must know about this breed before getting it.