5 Cat Dental Care Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Dental care is important for both humans and animals. Cats can’t tell us anything when they have dental problems. If you have a cat and she suffers from a toothache, she will feel discomfort while eating. This pain will have a serious impact on their general health.

Cats are experts at hiding their pain and will not let you know that they are having a problem. But it is important to take care of your cat’s dental health and prevent all kinds of painful dental diseases. At some point, when the situation gets uncomfortable, the cat has to go through some expensive dental surgery.

Here are 5 dental care tips to keep your cat healthy and active.

Don’t Ignore Bad Breath

Owning a cat, you know that the mild fishy smell is normal in cats and is known as “kitty breath.” Sometimes you will smell bad breath, and this is a strong sign that your kitty is suffering from a dental problem.

Always go for treatment in such cases because if your kitty bad breath gets worse, she will suffer a lot of pain. Mainly when a cat has bad breath and is drooling, the cause behind these symptoms is tooth decay or gum disease.

There is nothing to be alarmed about if your cat has occasional bleeding from the gums, but if there is a combination of bad breath and gum bleeding and more drooling accompanied by these symptoms, contact your vet. Your kitty needs a dental extraction or a deep cleaning of the teeth.

Annual veterinary checkups 

Unfortunately, most people think that dental checkup is not necessary. But if you want a healthy cat, you should do it as part of your annual veterinary checkup. Sometimes the cat suffers from dental problems, and if they are not controlled, your cat will suffer serious health problems.

So don’t skip the annual vet checkups. Dental health plays an important role in your cat’s general health. During annual checkups, your vet will determine your cat’s general health and dental health.

Ask your vet if you need a professional dental cleaning or anything else that can improve our cat’s dental health. Such as our Cat Dental Diet.

Make a dental care routine 

Start a dental care routine for your kitten from an early age. Some adult cats are resistant to dental cleaning, so it is best to start at an early age.

Many veterinary schools recommend that you can get your cat used to the process by using gauze on their teeth. You can also use gauze along with specific cat toothpaste.

Another trick you can use is to dip your finger in canned chicken or tuna and rub it on your cats’ gum, so they get used to it and don’t feel irritated. Once your kitten gets used to touching its gums and teeth, slowly start using a cat-specific toothbrush, such as a bristle finger toothbrush.

You can make brushing your cat’s teeth a daily routine. If you have the time. Do not use human toothpaste for your cat dental cleaning, always use specially designed cat flavored toothpaste for them to enjoy a pleasant experience. Human toothpaste contains fluoride, and if your cat ingests it, she will suffer serious health problems.

As you know, dental diseases start with inflamed gums, so when you are taking care of your cat’s dental health, doesn’t forget to massage her gums. Normally, healthy gums are pink, and red gums are signs of inflammation and irritation.

When you massage your cat’s gum, it will not only speed up the healing process but will also make its gums resistant to any problems later in life.

However brushing your cat’s teeth daily is not practical. Which is why we developed a new cat dental diet. With kibbles that have been made to a size, shape and density that have been shown to be important in the mechanical reduction of calculus on teeth. The kibble size and shape encourage cats to chew, thus providing a scraping action that delivers less accumulation of calculus on the cats’ teeth.

Use special treat and toys to improve dental of cat

It is a fact that a complete and balanced nutrition diet can not only improve the dental health of the cat but also the cat’s general health. You should talk to your vet and find out which is the best food for your kitty’s dental and general health. (Talk to your vet and ask them about Delicate Care Cat Dental Diet for your kitty.)

If your cat has any health problem or dental disease, there are special diets designed to especially improve your cat’s dental health. Along with the special food, there are dental and chewy treats that have the same benefits for cats.

When choosing any treat or chew, always make sure that any product you choose is approved by the Veterinary Health Organization. These approved products meet all international standards and are effective because they have undergone clinical trials.

These dental chews and treats are not just enough for teeth cleaning, so you should use a toothbrush along with chews. You can use these healthy treats and chews as a reward for good behavior, and they will also clean your cat teeth. We have a Cat Dental Diet which is the perfect complement to the dental management plan prescribed by your Veterinarian.

You can also use clean, fresh water to clean your cat’s teeth. When your cat drinks clean water, it will clean up any debris left in the cat’s mouth after a meal. If food debris remains in your cat’s mouth, it can cause gingivitis and make your cat feel uncomfortable. So always make sure your cat has plenty of cool water to drink.

You can also use chew toys to keep your cat’s teeth clean. When selecting the chew toy, make sure it is not harder than your fingernail. If you give your cat hard chew toys, they will break their teeth, so choose to chew toys that are made especially for cats.

Don’t ignore your cat dental health

Many studies have shown that gum disease and dental decay are directly related to kidney disease, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. These serious illnesses can even lead to the death of your kitty. 

So don’t wait for signs of distress or discomfort because cats don’t show signs until they feel intense pain. Always take your kitten for an annual dental checkup and make sure he lives a healthy and happy life.